Madurai Jute Cluster ( MJC)

An eco friendly world through building women’s capacities
Introduction :

Madurai Jute Cluster (MJC) is a social entity located in Madurai Tamilnadu  with a view to create a more equitable and an eco friendly environment. Madurai Jute Cluster ( MJC ) was started in the year 2015 to increase the economic status of poor women through entrepreneurship.

What Madurai Jute cluster works upon?

MJC addresses two challenging tasks combined together. Securing environment and women economic empowerment.  First of all MJC widens women’s life choices and scope in the arena of employability on jute and cloth making .Secondly it encourages the usage of bio degradable utilities in daily lives of the people. Thirdly and most importantly it contributes to the local economic growth by offering employment or setting standards for self employment on Jute /cloth utilities.

Why women on Jute and cloth utilities?

The increasing   usage of plastic materials is posing a threat to the earth and human growth. The issues are humongous but the percentage of combating the menace of usage of plastic materials, particularly carry bags, shopping and packing of different materials, always remain a challenging task ahead. The usage of plastic materials is increasing at an alarming rate and people have not realised the   deteriorating effect   on environment and the human lives most specially the health aspects.

In this context, MJC has initiated enterprising solution to support nature friendly environment targeting women as potential beneficiaries. MJC has trained around 300 women on Jute and cloth utilities through a one month jute entrepreneurship training .MJC works in the principle that women entrepreneurship is a mainstreaming approach which builds the institutional capacities of women. In this regard, women are not only trained on technical skills but also soft skills and other entrepreneriel traits such as motivation , time management , problem solving , access to bank loans, marketting of jute products  etc

MJC – The Core Activities
  • Train and impart cloth jute skills for women belonging to rural, urban, slum pockets of Madurai district in Tamilnadu
  • Creating a unique platform for employment /self employment in the arena of Jute /cloth making by strengthening Madurai Jute Cluster.
  • MJC identifies, tap and channelize women towards technical and employability skills from underprivileged categories such as women with lower income, women headed households, single mothers physically challenged women , women from SC/ST categories
  • Creating widespread awareness on utilisation of jute/cloth  as an eco friendly utility product with the view to combat climate change
  • Enhancing income of women by providing employment /self employment through   Madurai Jute cluster
  • To promote better gender relations and gender equality through women economic empowerment.
MJC – Scope for scalability :

MJC has so far trained around 300-500 women. Some  of the women have initiated their own stitching unit at a small scale level.Ten women have been employed in the Madurai Jute Cluster  production unit. Few have been developed as resource persons for the training wing of MJC( Jute stitching )  Few women have taken up marketing jute products in Madurai district . Some women are  involved with the Environment Protection Cell which regularly conducts exhibitions and awareness campaigns at schools and colleges.

At this outset MJC would like to expand  stregthen and upgrade the  trained  women on Jute and cloth utilities . First of all women need to be equiped with the marketing and other  skills from view of  business sustainability. A lot more women need to gain entrepreneriel confidence in order to ensure the income sustainability. MJCwould like to reach as many underprvilledged women in developing their skill set towards jute and cloth utilities .Recognising the higher demand for eco friendly produts , MJC would like to mainstream the livelihood inititives wich would sterngthen the role of women in the household , local economy and the national economy.

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